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A CRIME Against SSL/TLS Encryption

Approximately one year ago Juliano Rizzo and Thai Duong (the so-called BEASTie Boys) discovered a way to break SSL Encryption by mean of their BEAST attack (rowser Exploit Against SL/TLS).

Their attack exploited a design flaw of the SSL/TLS 1.0 protocols (or better of the CBC cipher-suites, such as AES and 3DES), allowing to decrypt an encrypted conversation by sniffing the traffic and injecting a known pattern in the encryption channel. At that time the research had a considerable impact, given the wide usage of SSL/TLS in millions of websites providing secure online services.

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The Beauty (RC4) and The BEAST (TLS)

Hard times for Information Security and for the authentication models it had been built upon. The inglorious falls of  SecureID and Certification Authority Authentication models were not enough in this troubled 2011 and now it looks like the last authentication bastion was breached after Thai Duong and Juliano Rizzo unleashed their BEAST (Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS) attack.

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An Industry Wide Attack

9/9/2011: Globalsign admitted evidence of a breach to the web server hosting the www website:

Today we found evidence of a breach to the web server hosting the www website. The breached web server has always been isolated from all other infrastructure and is used only to serve the www.globalsign.com website. At present there is no further evidence of breach other than the isolated www web server. As an additional precaution, we continue to monitor all activity to all services closely. The investigation and high threat approach to returning services to normal continues.

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