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Are You Ready For The Next Generation IPS?

Advanced Persistent Threats are changing the information security paradigm and Next Generation IPS will probably be, together with SIEM, the new weapons in the hands of information security professionals for stopping this new category of threats that are proving to be the real nightmares for CISOs in this troubled 2011.

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Next Generation Firewalls and Web Applications Firewall Q&A

If I ask to an average skilled information security professional what a firewall is, I am pretty sure that he will be able to answer my question and describe with great detail concepts as packet filter, application proxy and stateful inspection.

I am afraid that the situation would be completely (and dramatically) different in case I would decide to ask him what a Next Generation Firewall (abbreviated as NGF and sometime also referred as Application Firewall) is, and most of all what a Web Application Firewall (abbreviated as WAF) is and how it is different from a traditional UTM or Firewall or also from a Next Generation Girewall.

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Report Cisco 4Q 2010: Il Malware Web ha fatto il Bot(net)

Dopo i turni di McAfee e Symantec è la volta di Cisco: il gigante dei router e della sicurezza perimetrale ha da poco pubblicato il proprio Cisco 4Q10 Global Threat Report che riflette i trend della sicurezza su scala globale da ottobre a dicembre 2010.

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Il 2011 Secondo Arbor Networks? Me Lo Tolgo DDoS…

Arbor Networks, il principale produttore di sensori anti-DDoS, oramai da qualche anno tiene sotto controllo, con l’aiuto dei principali operatori, la madre di tutte le reti al fine di studiare l’andamento degli attacchi DDoS ed i relativi trend di diffusione.

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