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Looking Back…

Actually this post is nearly a couple of weeks in delay (last week I was skiing in at the Italian Dolomites!!). (Un)fortunately now that I am back to home (and to work), I have choosen this Friday The 13th, while preparing my traditional Cyber Attacks Master Index for the first half of January 2012, to give a quick look to the past year in terms of my blogging activity in order to discover which where the posts which collected most views (more than 60,000 in total), of course excluding the home page.

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Looking Inside a Year of Android Malware

As you will probably know my Birthday post for Android Malware has deserved a mention from Engadget and Wired. Easily predictable but not for me, the Engadget link has been flooded by comments posted by Android supporters and adversaries, with possible trolls’ infiltrations, up to the point that the editorial staff has decided to disable comments from the article. The effect has been so surprising that someone has also insinuated, among other things, that I have been paid to talk s**t on the Android.

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…che il Made in Italy usi ben altri mezzi per rispolverare la sua forza nella dura sfida del mercato globale.

Una volta il Belpaese era famoso per la sua creatività, oggi il rosario elettronico ioPrego, improbabile frutto del Made In Italy, ha vinto il primo premio come migliore “Crapgadget” (vi risparmio la traduzione del termine composto dalle parole anglosassioni crap + gadget) presentato al CES 2011. La mai troppo invidiata onorificenza è stata assegnato da Engadget, bibbia dei geek, all’interno della sua classifica Best Of CES 2011. Per valutare a pieno la portata di questo (poco) ambito riconoscimento vi invito a contemplare i vincitori delle altre categorie.

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