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November 2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics

CountryIt’s time for the statistics derived from the Cyber Attacks Timelines of November (Part I and Part II).

Let us begin with the Country Distribution chart that, easy predictable, shows the US on top of all categories. However, globally, even Italy, Canada and UK show up, respectively for Hacktivism (the first two countries) and Cyber Crime (the latter).

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Jan-Apr 2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics

I have been quite busy in the last few months, so, unfortunately, I was not able to keep the pace with the statistics derived from my Cyber Attacks Timelines. However, thanks to the ISMS Forum Spain (Asociación Española para el Fomento de la Seguridad de la Información), I have been invited to take part at the XV Jornada Internacional de ISMS Forum: La Sociedad Digital, entre Confianza y Ciber-riesgos (to be held on May, the 28th in Madrid).

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September 2013 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Even if with a small delay, it is time for the Cyber Attacks Statistics derived from the Cyber Attacks Timelines of September (Part I and Part II).

As usual let us begin with the Daily Trend of Attacks chart. The chart shows a clear peak on September, 27th, due to a wave of attacks of the Anonymous against the Cambodian Government. In general, the number of attacks reported on the news had an increase in the second part of the month.

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July 2013 Cyber Attacks Statistics

It’s time for the Statistics related to the Cyber Attacks reported in the July 2013 Timelines (Part I and Part II).

You will find a (hopefully) welcome novelty from this month: as a matter of fact starting from July I begun to record the nationality of the targeted companies (not the domains), so the corresponding data will be reported in the statistics accordingly.

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June 2013 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Here we are with the statistics for the cyber attacks included in the June 2013 timelines (part I and part II). A priori this month should have been characterized by huge operations (such as the infamous OpPetrol), instead, all in all, the cyber activity was quite moderated as shown by the Daily Trend of Attack chart, that shows a single remarkable peak around the 3rd of July (when several primary DNS providers were the victims of DDoS attacks).

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May 2013 Cyber Attacks Statistics

It’s time for a drill down to the Cyber Attacks Statistics for the month of May 2013. As many readers ask, the data for the stats is derived from the corresponding Cyber Attacks Timeline.

TheDaily Trend of Attacks chart shows a month double-faced. After an initial peak, the first two weeks have shown a quite low activity. The second half of the month instead has shown a revamping of the activity.

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1-15 February 2013 Cyber Attacks Statistics

It is time for the statistics related to the Cyber Attacks occurred during the first half of January and inserted into the the corresponding timeline.

The Daily Trend of Attacks shows two major peaks, during the 3rd of February (corresponding to the wave of DDoS attacks against Egypt Governmental targets carried on in name of OpEgypt), and just at the end of the month, when the attacks in name of OpKashmir became stronger. A third peak is visible during the 8th and, not a coincidence, it is still due to hacktivism, and in particular to the so-called OpBankUnderAttack.

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January 2013 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Here are the statistics related to the Cyber Attacks included inside the January 2013 Cyber Attacks Timelines. A terrible month that has seen an unprecedented number of Cyber Attacks.

The Daily Trend Of Attacks emphasizes the peak in the second half of January, in particular the 24th has seen a surprisingly high rate due to the massive (and last, at least so far) wave of DDoS attacks against the U.S. Banks.

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1-15 January 2013 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Here are the statistics for the Cyber Attacks occurred in the first half of January 2013 and included inside the corresponding Cyber Attack Timeline.

The Daily Trend of January shows a couple of peaks in correspondence of the 3rd and the 10th of January, during the DDoS attacks of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters (another minor peak occurred during the 8th of January. On average the sample included 4.67 attacks per day.

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1-15 December 2012 Attack Statistics

Let us gave a look to the landscape of Cyber Attacks, during the first half of December 2012. Apparently cybercrooks are taking a break for Christmas, since, according to my selection Criteria, the number of attacks has shown a small decrease in comparison with the previous months.

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