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Defacement “Tarantina Style”

The city of Taranto is famous worldwide for its delicious mussels “Tarantina Style” with tomato soup, chilly pepper and garlic. Unfortunately in these days Taranto is also the unvoluntary protagonist of the ILVA affaire, a paradoxical situation typical of Italy.

On July the 31st, The ILVA steel plant, the largest of Europe, has been placed under precautionary judicial seizure, and eight current or former executives under house arrest. This is the consequence of an inquiry into environmental pollution. Unfortunately such a similar decision is leading to heavy consequences for the steel plant workers who went on the warpath, and for the unions as well who have announced an indefinite strike.

A so delicate and complex situation could not be ignored by hacktivists of the infamous collective Anonymous who, in name of OpItaly&OpGreenRights, yesterday have hacked and defaced the Taranto Municipality website and left a message directed to workers against the steel plant activity. The hacktivists have also dumped portion of a database of Ilva and Riva Group (the corresponding holding) on pastebin.

The latest example of the strict interconnections between the real and cyber worlds, even if a so complex and potentially devastating situation deserves much more in-depth reflections (about the national economic strategies and policies), than a “simple” (maybe fashion-motivated) defacement.

Thanks to Cybwerwarnews.info for publishing the news.

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