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Law Enforcement Agencies Under Attack… Again

A Friday back in time… The last weekend of April has reserved a bitter surprise for two Law Enforcement Agencies which suffered an equal number of attacks from Hackers affiliated to Anonymous.

For a moment I was believing to have gone a couple of months back in time, with the calendar set in the first half of February when @ItsKahuna and @CabinCr3w put in place a long trail of attacks against Law Enforcement Agencies. (Un)Fortunately they left several cyber fingerprints in the crime scene which allowed the LEAs to take their revenge and stop the long line of attacks.

Today, nearly in contemporary, the IPA, International Police Association (ipa-iac.org) has been defaced “for the lulz” and the same fate, with more serious consequences, has happened to Lake County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO.org). In the latter circumstance it looks like the attackers were able to leak 40 Gigabytes of internal files.

Despite the number of attacks suffered (and the consequent arrests made) Law Enforcement Agencies continue to be vulnerable and, even worse, the techniques used and the exploited vulnerabilities are apparently always the same.

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