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The Italian Job

The Italian Anonymous did it again and today have attacked for the second time in few days the vatican.va website. Actually this time their attack has apparently been deeper since the infamous collective also posted a small portion of a database claimed to have been leaked from radiovaticana.org, the website of the official Vatican Radio.

The inevitable statement on pastebin (so far only in Italian) quotes Imperva, the Israeli Company Focused on Application Security which claimed, few days ago, to have prevented, in August, a summer attack against the Vatican, using the collected information to profile a typical Anonymous DDoS attack.

Of course the pastebin suggests that this attack has been a kind of retaliation against the information disclosed by Israeli Security Company in their detailed report, nevertheless this has been only the last DDoS attack in Italy in this troubled weekend that has seen several websites falling under the LOIC shots: Saturday the Italian Railways have been hit (three domains), and yesterday Equitalia, the company owning the concession, on behalf of the Government, to collect taxes.

This (un)expected revamp of DDoS activity in Italy comes approximately nearly a couple of months after the LOIC attacks unchained by the MegaUpload shutdown, and nearly nine months after the waves of attacks which made the Italian Summer a very hot season for Information Security.

Besides, so far the preferred targets of The Anonymous in Italy have been Government and Politician Websites, targeting the Vatican Site, looks like this time the Anonymous crossed the line.

As a matter of fact I have decided to write down in a table all the hacktivism-led attacks carried on Italy from the 2011 onwards. I have collected the information on the attacks during the gathering of the necessary material to prepare my timelines for 2011 and 2012. In reading the list, please consider that several DDoS attacks were only claimed by the attackers, so it is really difficult discriminate if they were succesful or not, nevertheless I thought it appropriate to insert them all to provide a global view.

So far, you will notice that the Hackvism in Italy has passed three main phases: the summer phase, maybe interrupted by the wave of arrests in July; the winter phase, as quoted above, immediately after the Megaupload shutdown on the wake of the anti-SOPA/PIPA/ACTA movements; and the current phase (may we define it a spring phase?) triggered by the delicate internal sociopolitical situation….

March 2011

04/03/2011 finmeccanica.it DDOS Military Industry
04/03/2011 eni.it DDOS Energy
04/03/2011 unicredit.it DDOS Finance

June 2011

21/06/2011 ilpopolodellalibertà.it DDoS Political Parties
21/06/2011 governoberlusconi.it DDoS Political Parties
21/06/2011 pdl.it DDoS Political Parties
21/06/2011 governoberlusconi.it DDoS Political Parties
21/06/2011 silvioberlusconifansclub.org DDoS Political Parties
21/06/2011 forzasilvio.it DDoS Political Parties
22/06/2011 governo.it DDoS Government
22/06/2011 camera.it DDoS Government
22/06/2011 senato.it DDoS Government
22/06/2011 interno.it DDoS Government
22/06/2011 regione.campania.it DDoS Government
22/06/2011 pdl.it DDoS Political Parties
22/06/2011 renatobrunetta.it DDoS Political Parties
22/06/2011 innovazionepa.gov.it DDoS Government
23/06/2011 governo.it DDoS Government
23/06/2011 agcom.it DDoS Government
23/06/2011 leganord.org DDoS Political Parties
24/06/2011 governo.it DDoS Government
24/06/2011 giustizia.it DDoS Government
28/06/2011 agcom.it DDOS Government
29/06/2011 camera.it DDoS Government
29/06/2011 pdl.it DDoS Government
29/06/2011 mediaset.it DDoS Entertainment
30/06/2011 telecomitalia.it DDoS ISP
30/06/2011 poste.it DDoS Mail
30/06/2011 borsaitaliana.it DDoS Finance

July 2011

01/07/2011 leganord.org DDoS Political Parties
01/07/2011 agcom.it DDoS Government
02/07/2011 innovazionepa.gov.it DDoS Government
02/07/2011 governo.it DDoS Government
03/07/2011 agcom.it DDoS Government
04/07/2011 agcom.it DDoS Government
06/07/2011 19 Universities:                  unisi.it
SQLi? Education
31/07/2011 vitrociset.it Defacement Contractor

August 2011

03/08/2011 vitrociset.it Defacement Contractor
06/08/2011 sappe.it Defacement Law Enforcement Agencies

September 2011

02/09/2011 Undisclosed Bank ? Finance

November 2011

29/11/2011 fiocchigfl.it Defacement Military Industry

December 2011

06/12/2011 torino-lione.it Defacement Transportation
06/12/2011 ghiglia.it Defacement Political Parties
19/12/2011 fabriziocorona.it Defacement Entertainment
19/12/2011 costantinovitaliano.it Defacement Entertainment

January 2012

10/01/2012 leganord.org Defacement Political Parties
13/01/2012 italia.gov.it DDoS Political Parties
22/01/2012 siae.it DDoS Entertainment
22/01/2012 universalmusic.it DDoS Entertainment
22/01/2012 copyright.it DDoS Entertainment
22/01/2012 giannifava.org DDoS Political Parties
22/01/2012 leganord.org DDoS Political Parties
24/01/2012 giustizia.it DDoS Government
26/01/2012 italia.gov.it DDoS Government

February 2012

11/02/2012 circondarialetorino.it Defacement Law Enforcement Agencies
17/02/2012 rivagroup.com DDoS Military Industry
17/02/2012 enel.it DDoS Energy
18/02/2012 mauriziopaniz.it Defacement Political Parties
22/02/2012 binetti.it Defacement Political Parties
27/02/2012 polizia.it DDoS Law Enforcement Agencies
27/02/2012 carabinieri.it DDoS Law Enforcement Agencies

March 2012

07/03/2012 vatican.va DDoS Religion
10/03/2012 trenitalia.it DDoS Transportation
10/03/2012 RFI.it DDoS Transportation
10/03/2012 viaggaintreno.it DDoS Transportation
11/03/2012 equitalia.it DDoS Services
12/03/2012 vatican.va DDoS Religion
12/03/2012 radiovaticana.org Defacement Religion
  1. March 14, 2012 at 12:47 am

    potresti aggiungere l’attacco al Cnaipic dello scorso Luglio 2011. Anche se realmente non si conoscono i mandanti e le ragioni dell’attacco.

    Qualche dettaglio: http://www.oversecurity.net/tag/Cnaipic/


  2. March 14, 2012 at 12:49 am

    6 Febbraio 2011 > http://www.governo.gov DDoS > http://bit.ly/h0aksS

  3. March 14, 2012 at 1:03 am

    Ciao Andrea, grazie per le info e i riferimenti!

    L’evento al Cnaipic non l’ho inserito volutamente perché, come da te correttamente sottolineato, ci sono troppe ombre e dubbi, rinforzati dall’improvvisa rivendicazione ed altrettanto rapida smentita da parte degli Anons Italiani.
    Grazie anche per la info del 6 febbraio e per il riferimento. Sto cercando di rendere la base consistente, gli eventi sono tanti (soprattutto in questi giorni) e le segnalazioni sono preziosissime.

    A presto.


  4. March 15, 2012 at 12:19 am

    Figurati Paolo, è sempre un piacere aiutare un progretto a crescere. Quanto prima seguirò le orme di Gianni pubblicando anche io un articolo sul mio blog.

  1. March 13, 2012 at 11:02 pm

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